Artist Statement

Modern society is filled with too much information. While something new happens continuously, something past buries in the blink of an eye.

I think that what we can do with art is to understand how the relationship between the nature, the civilization and human beings is. Artists can let people notice it by expressing with their intuition. In addition, I believe that art brings value to people when they link their experience to the concept and expression.

Based on this idea for arts, people’s real life in modern society, the various problems they are confronting affect my works. Then, my consciousness for social problem might be caused by twice terrible earthquake experience in my life. Also, I think that it is indispensable to study the past to learn new things, so trying to find my way of expressing thinking of history, culture and art history. I am sure that it is my object to bring them tiny interesting questions which exist in our society and new perspective, and remind them of forgotten memories through art. I believe that it is what I should do with arts.





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